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12-19 JULY 2022


Together with Founder Karin Flatøy Svarstad,

the Agricultural Consulting Services of Greenland and Innovation South Greenland are proud to announce that the

10th Annual North Atlantic Native Sheep and Wool Conference will be held from 12-19 July 2022, in Narsarsuaq, Greenland!

This conference is all about sharing knowledge and inspiration about

sheep farming and production of wool products across the North Atlantic region

to minimise and eventually eradicate wool waste.

It brings like-minded yet culturally diverse people together

to collaborate on something that is one of the ultimate identities of the

North Atlantic countries.  

We look forward to welcoming you in South Greenland!

Photo credit: Vagn Hansen

In amazing South Greenland

Back in 1906, Pastor Jens Chemnitz introduced the first sheep to Greenland. The Greenlandic sheep were created after an extensive trial period with different North Atlantic sheep breeds - some certainly fared better than others. Trial and error showed that the Greenlandic winters were harsh enough to make legislation necessary that all sheep needed to be kept in indoor stables throughout the coldest months. After lambing season has successfully passed, all the sheep are released into the open backcountry to roam free all summer long. 

There are now approx. 21,000 sheep in South Greenland at nearly 40 farms throughout the region! This unique tradition of modern day inuit sheep farming at the edge of the Ice Sheet, often in the exact areas where Norse/Vikings once set their own agricultural roots in the 10th - 15th centuries, has been honoured as UNESCO World Heritage.

KUJATAA is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, a living cultural landscape with five focus areas: Igaliku, Qaqortukulooq, Qassiarsuk, Sissarluttoq and Tasikuluulik. Two of these are settlements, and you will have the chance to visit one on the Excursion Day.

And that's just one part of what South Greenland has to offer!


The North Atlantic Native Sheep & Wool Conference includes lectures from internationally-known and innovative movers in the wool world, delicious local meals, an exhibit to teach about wool and the agricultural lifestyle, an Excursion Day to experience world heritage sheep farming settlements in  Greenland, and finally a marketplace where you can buy beautiful handicraft from artisans in Greenland and the entire North Atlantic. Extra Courses will also be available.


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